How to Survive Mercury in Retrograde

Sep 19, 2022

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Anytime you hear “Mercury in Retrograde” it’s easy to associate it with Murphy’s Law – anything bad happening tends to get blamed on this little planet.

Good ol’ planet Mercury with its short orbit (88 days vs our 365) ripping laps around the Earth appears to move backwards about 3-4 times yearly. Optical illusion? Maybe, but I’m telling you the energy shift is a full-blown stop and move backwards kind of feeling. Especially if you are energy sensitive! Even if you are not energy sensitive, tell me you don’t notice that people and life aren’t just a little extra during this time, even more amplified during the holidays.

Slow Down

Take time to think before you speak, in fact, hold your tongue and let them go first. Being that Mercury is a planetary slowdown, follow Mercury’s lead! Chill out, take your time and be aware!

Plan Ahead

I plan and watch carefully when I drive. Accidents happen more during Mercury Retrograde. Take time to focus on what really matters. And if you have no choice but to sign that contract or make that big decision on something during this period, read the details! Then read them again. I don’t do updates on my phone or computer during this time either, and I BREATHE deep and relax when I see the long line ahead of me.

Leaning into the knowledge of this energy is a great exercise in surrender. We can all use a little more practice there eh?

Here’s a link to a new essential oil I found on my travels to Idaho:

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