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Read more about my journey with the discovery and death of my superbugs and mycotoxins.

Superbugs & Mycotoxins


I have a LOT of clients (and myself) who have done the 21 Day Purification with the intention of losing weight, feeling better, getting better habits formed around food, flushing the liver of toxins and hormones, and balancing every organ in the body. But low and behold, after doing the cleanse some neat stuff started […]

Self-Care & Nurturing Relationships


Wisdom comes with experience, and I have shared my wisdom on this topic on today’s blog.

Understanding the Rules of Your Life Path

The Viral Voice

How I got to a place of acceptance and freedom during the holiday season by doing the deeper work.

Dealing with Holiday Sadness

Spiritual Awareness

See how to survive out there even when other people are making your food and how to make your outings a more positive experience.

Traveling with Special Dietary Needs


I’m sharing with you a few of my tips on how to make a time out for yourself happen.

The Importance of a Time Out


Check out some of my most favorite go-to’s to stay on top of your health during these new seasons.

Prepping for the New Cold Season


Check out some alternative ways to pump up your java without overloading on bad fat and sugar!

Dairy and Sugar Alternatives for Your Coffee


Learn more about what to avoid if you’ve cut wheat/gluten from your diet but you’re still not feeling right. You may have celiac disease.

How I Was Diagnosed with Celiac Disease


Learn more about a new botanical technology that is making a real difference in the herpes cases!

New Botanical Technology for Herpes


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